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To Grow We Must Learn. To Learn We Must Practice.

February 04, 2018

To Grow We Must Learn. To Learn We Must Practice.

From the time we start learning as a young child, we keep on doing things poorly until we learn to do them well. It's as simple as learning to drive a car...

Unconscious Incompetence - At this level of unconscious incompetence I'm sitting at the back of the car and I'm not even aware of the fact that I cannot drive. I'm just having a chat. 

Conscious Incompetence - At the level of conscious incompetence I'm driving. I have an instructor. I'm tearing the gears. I'm gripping the wheel with a death grip and I'm out of my comfort zone. I'm watching footpaths and mirrors and cars in front and behind. 

Conscious Competence - At the level of conscious competence I'm driving very carefully. I'm conscioulsy changing gears. keeping away from the footpath. Looking in my mirrors. Fully alert. 

Unconscious Competence - I'm not really driving a car until I get to the level of unconscious competence. I'm driving along. I'm having a chat. I'm not even aware of chanaging gears. I'm still doing everything, but with unconscious competence. 

I’m mastering this skill!

If you live on the Green Platform you choose never to stop learning and practicing, moving from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence to conscious competence and then on finally to unconscious competence.

When you live on the Green Platform you challenge yourself to move across these four stages of competence to develop the very essence of who you are, your true personality, the Green Platform thinker who wants to continue to learn and grow.  

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