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The Dream Killing Dragon

March 01, 2018

The Dream Killing Dragon

In our working life, there is negativity everywhere. You know what I mean…

My boss doesn’t like me. This job is too hard. I never seem to get a break. I’ll never get the hang of this. Why was I picked to do this…

If you are the person who views the world through Red Platform eyes, then you might as well throw in the towel and admit defeat! If you are a Red Platform thinker, the Dream-Killing Dragon is your friend.

To achieve success and turn your back on the Dream-Killing Dragon, who is always waiting in the shadows for that opportunity to draw out that Red Platform thinking. You must adopt a "can" attitude. When you empower yourself by declaring that you “can” do something, you are writing a different story, choosing a different journey and allowing yourself the opportunity to take on any task with a greater sense of happiness and joy.

So ask yourself. Am I focusing on what I want or focusing on what I don’t want? Where is my attention and energy going? Am I the positive Green Platform colleague at the coffees-dock every day, empowered to complete that job? Or is my friend Dream-Killing Dragon keeping me on the Red Platform. 

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