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Breaking Down Brick Walls With Positive Energy

March 07, 2018

Breaking Down Brick Walls With Positive Energy

In life we face brick walls all the time. Their only purpose is to test us to see how badly we really want something and if we have the power inside to burst through the brick wall! 

Why is it, that we believe we have to feel bad first before something can change for the better? That we can only grow and change through suffering on the Red Platform. This is after all a complete myth, as we can grow just as easily through joy and happiness on the Green Platform and and burst through that negative brick wall at every opportunity. 

Negative emotions block us from acting wisely and they also block our mental ability to determine right from wrong decisions. When we are angry or frustrated - and most of us feel one of these emotions every day - we are allowing reactions that are not well thought through to take over. We are instinctively reacting out of pain rather than taking inspired action in a meaningful way. However, when you decide to bring acceptance to a situation and use your inner strength with a sense of joy as a springboard for positive action, you use positive Green Platform energy and no brick wall is safe in your company.

So, tell me, how will you use your positive Green Platform energy to break through your brick walls today? 

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