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Self-Image, The Inner Picture You Have Of Yourself

February 25, 2018

Self-Image, The Inner Picture You Have Of Yourself

Very rarely will you do something that is not in line with the mental image that you have of yourself. If you cannot see yourself as a jogger, you will never put on running shoes. The way we set our goals, choose our values or react to life is never determined by who or what we are, but by who and what we think we are. Our Self-Image. If you believe you are not someone who would go for a walk or a jog or a swim, you will not go out to take exercise even though you make many mental resolutions to get fit.

Your inner champion, your Self-Image wins all the time. So ask yourself do you have a Positive Self-Image or a Negative Self-Image. Are you looking forward to becoming a great runner or do you feel you are useless and you will never be any good at running no matter how hard you try? Believe in the Green Platform, change your Self-Image, believe in yourself and your ability to self-correct and become that new person. The one who will pick up those running shoes and jump on to the Green Platform.

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