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Finding Inspiration

January 23, 2018

Finding Inspiration

We need inspiration to drive us on. Inspiration means to “breath spirit into”. Inspiration is an emotional or a spiritual component. To be inspired , we need a powerful magnetic dream or vision. happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to do whatever it takes (without hurting anyone) and enjoy the journey to making them happen. Around 250 BC Patangeli understood clearly this difference between information an inspiration. He said: 

When You Are Inspired. By Some Great Purpose. Some Extraordinary Project.  All Your Thoughts Break Their Bonds. Your Mind Transcends Limitations.  Your Consciousness Expands in Every Direction. And You Find Yourself In A New and A Great and A Wonderful World. Dormant Forces, Faculties and Talents Come Alive. And You Discover Yourself To Be A Greater Person By Far Than You Ever Dreamed Yourself To Be. 

Notice the first line. Patangeli said, when you are “inspired”. He didn’t say, “informed” by some great purpose. The American essayist and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson was a great believer in the human race. He felt we had a lot more to offer the world than we realised. He suggested: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”.To be inspired we need a great purpose, an extraordinary project or a dream that will inspire us to start the journey on the path where there is no trail. When people make great movies or great actors win Oscars, they often talk about the burning desire, the fire in the belly, the dream or vision they had when drove them on to such pinnacles. How do you discover or find your dream? Perhaps it might be a good start with daydreaming. Like Albert Einstein……

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