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The Art of Delegation - A Powerful Green Platform Tool

February 27, 2018

The Art of Delegation - A Powerful Green Platform Tool

Do you fall into the trap of trying to do everything yourself, when others have the time to help you? Do you question whether or not others on your team have the ability to complete a job effectively. Do you trust them? Do you believe in them? 

A Green Platform leader knows when to delegate and trust in others and their capabilities. Remember everyone has as a peak performance potential - an opportunity to shine! Take time to understand the people around you, their capabilities and strengths. Meet them as a co-worker, supervisor or Manager through: 

  • Directing - Giving specific instructions.
  • Coaching & Training - Continuing to direct and supervise.
  • Supporting - Sharing the decision making process
  • Delegating - Turning over the decision making to the Peak Performer. 

Your ability to delegate shows others that you are living your life on the positive Green Platform and your trust and belief in others will help them on their personal Green Platform journey. Make the choice today to delegate and help someone on your team achieve their peak performance potential on the Green Platform. 

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