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Our Values - The Energy Batteries Behind Our Dreams

January 22, 2018

Our Values - The Energy Batteries Behind Our Dreams

To make a difference we need to put energy batteries under our dreams. These are our values. So ask yourself what are the values that are going to drive your dreams? What are the positive values that best reflect your identity?

Integrity. Trust. Good Work-Life Balance. Environmental Sustainability. Dependable. Reliability. Loyal. Committed. Open mindedness. Consistency. Honesty. Efficiency. Innovative. Creative. Humour. Fun. Loving. Adventurous. Motivated. Positive. Optimistic. Inspiring. Passionate. Respectful. Athletic. Fit. Courageous. Educated. Respected. Loving. 

Living in alignment with your true values is the only road to self-confidence, self respect and personal pride and clarifying your values is often the starting point to “high achievement” and “peak performance”, the two key aspirational values that impact our home and work life.

Why are positive values so important in both a home and work life environment?

Almost every major corporate problem over the past few decades has come from companies being out of alignment with their true values. When corruption, incompetence and cronyism replace trust, integrity and contribution bad things happen and huge numbers of people suffer. There’s little point in having your values written out and up on a plaque on a wall if you have’t inspiring stories that illustrate each value. Only when the value has a real living story wrapped around it does it come to life for the people in the company or organisations. 

So ask yourself, what are the positive values that best reflect your identity, values that you incorporate into you home and work life, to help you and those around you live on the Green Platform.

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